At DB Work, we are keen to work with our clients to find solutions. When it comes to staffing we can relieve your worries, e.g. through our comprehensive payroll services. DB Payroll is a one-stop solution that enables everything to be managed in one go. We organise contracts, wage payments, social security contributions and the continued payment of wages in the event of illness, leaving you to operate at full capacity with maximum confidence. All in all, we provide a trusted basis on which to develop a constructive partnership.

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Do you need more staff to expand your team? If so, turn to our pool of national and international skilled workers to reinforce your business. Please contact us at no obligation for more information.

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Client testimonials

“Working with DB Work does not only give us extra manpower. We also save a lot of time and expences.”

  • Dockside Shipsfacilities B.V.

Client testimonials

“A big advantage of working with DB Work is it’s flexibility. They are right on time when and where you need them.”

  • Massive Dynamic Contructions B.V.

Client testimonials

“Working with international skilled workers of DB Work is working without risks for us.”

  • Cibalia Shipbuilding & Repair B.V.

Client testimonials

“Outsourcing our temporary work is a matter of trust. DB Work does not only deliver the best temporary skilled workers, but they also show involvement to our company goals.”

  • Neptune Shipyards B.V.