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A dependable temporary employment service and flexible solutions.

At DB Work, our number one priority is to create more opportunities for people. As well as doing everything we can for our national and international skilled workers, we are dedicated to maintaining our client relationships over the long term. This is why we are fully committed to the people and the performance of the companies for whom we work.


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Our working methods call for more than just a dependable temporary employment service. It also requires flexible solutions that meet the specific requirements of each individual client, every single time. This is why we offer a range of specialist services alongside our temporary employment service – from national and international recruitment and selection to payroll services. DB Work also provides flexible solutions for customised on-site services and professional outsourcing of your production processes, thereby contributing to your corporate objectives.

Our quality targets

Working with DB Work means seeing how we meet our quality targets day in, day out. Our motto is: work as it should be. For our national and international skilled workers. For our own business. And for you. This is why we make every effort to always find the best match in response to your personal situation. We do our best to exceed your expectations when it comes to meeting your requirements and quality standards. We rely on years of experience in this industry and maximum flexibility to fulfil our maxim of “work as it should be” for your benefit. For you, for us and for our skilled workers.

Client testimonials

“Working with DB Work does not only give us extra manpower. We also save a lot of time and expences.”

  • Dockside Shipsfacilities B.V.

Client testimonials

“A big advantage of working with DB Work is it’s flexibility. They are right on time when and where you need them.”

  • Massive Dynamic Contructions B.V.

Client testimonials

“Working with international skilled workers of DB Work is working without risks for us.”

  • Cibalia Shipbuilding & Repair B.V.

Client testimonials

“Outsourcing our temporary work is a matter of trust. DB Work does not only deliver the best temporary skilled workers, but they also show involvement to our company goals.”

  • Neptune Shipyards B.V.