Temporary employment with DB Work.

Are you looking for specialist workers for deployment in production, commerce, technical environments, logistics and call centres? DB Work has what you need. Our comprehensive screening process guarantees that our people are motivated and above all well-prepared, enabling them to assist you and your organisation as effectively as possible. For short-term and long-term projects. On a large and small scale. Planned in advance or at short notice. Flexibility and the ability to adapt are key to success. DB Work is able to provide a valuable contribution to your professional sphere.

How do things work at DB Work?

During a comprehensive introductory appointment with DB Work, we ask you about all of the essential facets of the job. We are also keen to get to know your organisational culture. This approach pays off, as it enables us to find exactly the right skilled workers who meet the requirements specified by you and your organisation.

From our vast database, we introduce the most suitable skilled workers to you so that you know exactly who will be working for you. You can then amend your job offer at any time. Are you convinced by the quality of these professionals? DB Work organises everything straight away so that skilled workers can start at your organisation without delay.

As befits a good employer, we keep in close contact with you and the skilled worker during the job. In particular, we make sure that we know everything about how our skilled workers are performing. Does your project require specific training, for example? We organise this in our capacity as the employer. That’s what we call: work as it should be. This enables DB Work to guarantee a high level of quality. This is how we make a difference for you.

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Do you need more staff to expand your team? If so, turn to our pool of national and international skilled workers to reinforce your business. Please contact us at no obligation for more information.

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Client testimonials

“Working with DB Work does not only give us extra manpower. We also save a lot of time and expences.”

  • Dockside Shipsfacilities B.V.

Client testimonials

“A big advantage of working with DB Work is it’s flexibility. They are right on time when and where you need them.”

  • Massive Dynamic Contructions B.V.

Client testimonials

“Working with international skilled workers of DB Work is working without risks for us.”

  • Cibalia Shipbuilding & Repair B.V.

Client testimonials

“Outsourcing our temporary work is a matter of trust. DB Work does not only deliver the best temporary skilled workers, but they also show involvement to our company goals.”

  • Neptune Shipyards B.V.