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If you are looking for work that truly suits your requirements, we get to work to make it happen. DB Work chooses jobs that match your knowledge and expertise. DB Work provides a full range of services designed to ensure that you can start working for employers abroad as quickly as possible. We make sure that everything you need to make a flying start is arranged. Furthermore, we are always on hand to assist all of our skilled workers, giving you the peace of mind you need to perform efficiently and reliably.

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Employee testimonials

“The chance to make beautiful things is why I trained to be a carpenter. At DB Work, this is exactly what I am able to do – interesting work for great companies.”

  • Alexandru Pavel

Employee testimonials

“I was looking for a work environment that would challenge me to bring out the best in myself and my colleagues. Thanks to DB Work, I am now in contention for jobs that I otherwise wouldn’t’t have had access to.”

  • Ioan Popovici

Employee testimonials

“As an electrician by trade, I am pleased that DB Work provides job opportunities with attractive employers in the manufacturing industry.”

  • Neculai Tofan

Employee testimonials

“Painting ships is an interesting and rewarding vocation. It is also challenging, because the turnaround time is sometimes very quick. It makes me all the more proud when I – along with my colleagues from DB Work – am able to complete a project with excellent results.”

  • Ioan Popescu

Employee testimonials

“At DB Work, I was able to make a fantastic start to my career as a mechanic. Thanks to the extensive training options available, I will be able to improve my chances for long-term employment in the future too.”

  • Alexandru Marinescu